Orca (robots that learn)

Dec 8th 2023

Demo Video

I'm currently developing a sophisticated autonomous system designed to adeptly navigate the complexities of the human world. This system uniquely combines an advanced artificial intelligence navigation module with a physical robotic body, enabling seamless interaction with various environments. At the core of this innovative system is a state-of-the-art Reinforcement Learning model. This model has been rigorously trained across 120 meticulously simulated environments, with each scenario run over 10,000 times to ensure comprehensive learning and adaptability.
What sets this model apart is its dynamic reward mechanism. It's programmed to optimize its performance based on two critical factors: the efficiency of the time taken and the strategic choice of routes during navigation. This approach ensures that the system continuously improves, seeking the most effective ways to traverse any given space.
Most notably, this model is not reliant on preprogramming. Instead, it embodies the true essence of machine learning, capable of independently acquiring and refining its skills in navigation. This allows it to intelligently and effectively adapt to new environments, making it a groundbreaking step in the field of autonomous navigation systems.
This robot is not made to replace AirparrotHUB but to push the limits of what is possible
We are very excited about this technology and wish to share more as soon as possible!-- Alex