Airparrot PLUS

Jan 10th 2023

Today, we are thrilled to announce a game-changing addition to our lineup – Airparrot (Plus). This subscription service unlocks a world of possibilities for your Airparrot social robot, making it even smarter, more interactive, and more useful than ever before. 

With Airparrot Plus, we're integrating our latest A.N.T-2 and A.N.T-3 AI models into your Airparrot, taking the capabilities of your social robot to unprecedented heights. These models are designed to enhance your robot's interactions and give it a deeper finetuned personality

Unlimited Messaging: One of the standout features of Airparrot Plus is the removal of the previous 50 messages per hour limit for chatting with your robot. Now, you can chat with your Airparrot for an unlimited number of messages, making conversations with your robot feel more natural and immersive than ever before. 

Access to GPT-4 API: As part of Airparrot Plus, you gain access to our cutting-edge ANT Models. But we are also allowing you to run other models like the GPT-4 API from openai. This API, powered by OpenAI's most advanced technology, takes your robot's conversations to a whole new level. Your robot will be able to understand and respond to your queries more intelligently, engage in deep and meaningful conversations, and provide information with greater accuracy. 

-- Alex